How we go about the journey

  • 1. Find your Voice

    At this stage we go through the thought experiment process with the help of the elements of our story, insights on the problem and understanding of the stakeholders that form the essential foundation for our Story.

  • 2. Tell your Story

    At this stage we design, develop and deliver our Story, and create the right combination of purpose and experience that will best serve the dialogue we strike and impact we make with the hearts of the people.

  • 3. Build your impact

    We humans are like chemicals: when we come in contact, we can change. At this final stage, we design the finer details that helps us not just communicate but inspire and transform the audience with our Story.

"Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?"

- Mary Oliver

Stories form our ideas, values and impact. Stories help us reconcile our inner world with the outer. Stories build characters and communities. 

Stories hold the power to shift our inner narratives, inter-personal relationships, presence and personal branding, professional influence and social impact.  

Stories help us transform: ourselves, our work and the world.

Are you ready to build your Story Impact?

Welcome to this course.

This is an 8 STEPPED self-paced fully online program that helps you to discover your voice, design and deliver your story and make a difference to your personal or venture branding. 

By the end of this 8-STEPPED program, you will have your signature story discovered, designed and drafted for optimum effect on your audience/ stakeholders/ customers. 

You can use this story to create a signature for yourself, and develop for professional branding, executive presence, social impact, creative expressions, brand leadership or any other purpose.



Who will benefit from this program?

This program is for everyone who are interested to build their impact and influence with the power of branding, communication and leadership.  

In particular, it benefits:

1. Aspiring speakers and thought leaders

2. Corporate managers and leaders

3. Educators & Faculty members

4. Founders aspiring to create a brand leadership or win investment pitches

5. Changemakers & Community leaders

How can Storytelling help me?

  • How will storytelling help me with personal branding?

    Stories help us be seen and heard for who we truly are, and in the process create our authentic personal brands that reconciles our values, voice and victories. Stories help us create a unique and authentic brand and link it back to our personal and professional impact.

  • How will Storytelling help me pitch my venture?

    If you have ever watched an investor pitch, you'd know what sits at the heart of the narrative is The Story of the venture and its founder. Why does she do what she does, what is this a problem, how do we connect with people, what story does that numbers tell us, what impact can we create? And most importantly, what is the big bold dream that will come true if the investors trust us enough to put their stakes in our ventures? A well told Story can decide the direction and destiny of your venture.

  • How will Storytelling help me in my Entrepreneurial journey?

    The thing is, people won't care for our products until they trust or care for us. Our Brand Storytelling helps us place our unique voice in the cacophony of social media, and help us carve out our niche. It helps us establish our credibility and our subject matter expertise in the matter of our venture. Stories help us tell the world 'why we do what we do' using our personal narratives, the urgency of the problem we are solving, and our unique value proposition. And that not only earns us more money but also more trust and brand loyalty!

  • How will Storytelling help me in change-making and community leadership?

    The prevalent culture of photoshopped social media presence doesn't let us be fully humanised with our brokenness and vulnerability. But beyond those facades, we humans are a little like werewolves: when one of us stand up and tell our honest true stories, the rest of us slowly arise and whisper: me too! It is this sentiment that sits at the heart of authentic human connection, and helps us form communities based on trust and solidarity. If you are a change-maker, create and knit your tribe closer and make your vision of a better world a shared dream through the power of stories.

  • How will Storytelling help me in my corporate career?

    Business Storytelling helps to redesign your everyday communication and business presentation to create an impact that is more memorable, engaging and convincing. Remember that classmate who would always get picked up to present in front of the class on the annual day function? Like that, a well built Business Storytelling muscle can create your unique and individuated brand in your workplace and help you become more present, visible and impactful.

  • How will Storytelling help me solve conflicts?

    With the help of strategic storytelling, we cross over the analytical minds of the people and appeal directly to their emotions. It helps us establish connection and develop perspectives so we can solve problems better and create commitments that last.

  • How will Storytelling help me teach better?

    As educators, stories help us not just tell 'how' things happen, but 'why' it matters and 'what' they can do to execute or observe it in real life. Stories can make even the run-off-the-mill learning content exciting and demonstrative. when we use stories to deliver concepts and facts in form of narratives and anecdotes, it multiples the penetration, retention and application among the students.


When you enroll into this program, you would also enjoy the 3 following bonus lessons :

  • Entrepreneurs

    Story ideas and prompts for Brand Leadership for Entrepreneurs

  • Corporates

    Story ideas and prompts for personal branding and business presentations

  • Educators

    Story ideas and prompts for application of concepts & classroom engagement

Course curriculum

  • 2

    Day 1

    • Story

    • Synopsis of Day 1

    • Day 1 Assignment

  • 3

    Day 2

    • Technique

    • Synopsis of Day 2

    • Day 2 Assignment

  • 4

    Day 3

    • Audience

    • Synopsis of Day 3

    • Day 3 Assignment

  • 5

    Day 4

    • Rapport

    • Synopsis of Day 4

    • Day 4 Assignment

  • 6

    Day 5

    • Delivery

    • Synopsis of Day 5

    • Record and Listen

    • Day 5 Assignment

  • 7

    Day 6

    • Uniqueness

    • Synopsis of Day 6

    • Day 6 Assignment

  • 8

    Day 7

    • Show, don't tell

    • Synopsis of Day 7

    • Day 7 Assignment

  • 9

    Day 8

    • Transformation

    • Synopsis of Day 8

    • Day 8 Assignment

  • 10

    BONUS: Story Ideas and Prompts

    • Entrepreneurs: Storytelling for Brand Leadership

    • Corporates: Storytelling for Personal Branding and Business Presentations

    • Educators: Storytelling for classrooms

  • 11

    Congratulations and Onwards

Testimonials from STARDUST learners

  • Sheshang Ajwalia, IT Professional

    "I learned so much from the course. The two sections that I loved most are A for the audience and T for transformation. That's what is in it for the audience. All the best for your future endeavours."

  • Nikunjkumar Chhatrala, Corporate

    "Content, connection with audiences, expressions, how to start and conclude the story, importance of protagonist. Many learning after attending this STARDUST programme"

  • Parul Patel, Homemaker

    "It is very helpful to organise my thoughts and ideas ,and covert into story which can reach the people. Wonderful program! My Story Victory - Overcoming hesitation and winning over the fear of Stage"

Sinjini Sengupta

Founder of Lighthouse

I'm an erstwhile Actuary turned into an award-winning Storyteller, author, speaker & columnist. I've spoken on TEDx multiple times. I am a Distinguished Toastmaster, the highest education degree from Toastmasters International. I'm the National President of Mentoring & Soft Skills at Women Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industries. I've had the privilege of walking the red carpet at Cannes Film Festival. I've been humbled with several international awards & felicitations for my literary contributions, influence and change-making.